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Hi-Line Electric has been Sacramento’s premier trusted provider of Electrical Components and Supplies for over 47 years with an expansive inventory including specialized parts. Customers in Sacramento and beyond count on us for the most comprehensive selection of electrical parts, friendly, knowledgeable service, and a convenient drive-up dock for easy pickup of your supplies.

Count on Hi-Line Electric for all your Sacramento electrical supply needs. We’ve provided superior electrical parts and supplies to Sacramento clients for over 47 years, with the friendliest expert service.

Building Wire & Cable

Building Wire and Cable, or branch circuit wiring, is critical to Sacramento residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. It carries the electrical current to external uses throughout buildings. Popular brands we carry include Southwire, Priority Wire & Cable, and General Cable.

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Conduit is a tube that provides a protective barrier for electrical wiring. Popular types of plastic and metal conduit include Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC), Galvanized Rigid Conduit (GRC), and Rigid Non-Metallic Conduit (PVC). Reputable brands include Prime Conduit, Western Tube & Conduit, and Allflex.

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Fans and Exhaust

Fans & Exhaust pull fresh air into buildings while also pushing stale air out to create a healthy and comfortable environment. Multiple options are available, from blade material to mounting configurations, airflows, and horsepowers. Air King and Air Vent are two popular fans and exhaust product brands we carry.

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Fittings often look like short pieces of conduit or cylindrical clamps and are used to connect lengths of conduit, whether in a straight line or at an angle, or connect conduit to an electrical device. Popular brands we carry include Arlington, Bridgeport, and Madison.

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Lamps Ballast

Lamps and Ballasts. Ballasts are devices installed with lamps and other lighting to control the current allowed through the circuit. A few types of ballasts include reactive, fixed, and fluorescent lamp ballasts. Philips, Universal, and General Electric are among the most respected brands for lamps ballast.

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Lighting Controls range from simple devices to complex and intelligent systems to adjust lighting. Examples include light switches, occupancy sensors, and touchscreens. Lutron and Douglas are two especially respected lighting control brands we carry in Sacramento.

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Lighting Controls

Plastic Boxes

Plastic Boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are a type of electrical box that serve as a point of transition or end point for wiring and house everything from fans to electrical outlets. Plastic boxes offers easier modification than steel boxes and are better for Romex or NM wiring. Carlon, Smart Box, and Union Boxes are popular brands.

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Power Distribution and control systems in Sacramento include Automatic Transfer Switches, Busways, Motor Control Centers, Switchgears, and Transformers among others. These enable supervision and control over safe and efficient power distribution throughout Sacramento client businesses. Furnas, Siemens, and Square D are all reputable brands we supply.

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Power Distribution

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Screws Fasteners

Screws and Fasteners. We provide a full range of high-quality screws and fasteners for electrical projects, from machine and concrete screws to tappers and toggle fasteners. Cully, Dottie, and Erico/Caddy are popular brands.

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Solvents and Lubricants for removing stubborn contaminants and oxidation and loosening stuck electrical parts are available in a variety of safe and effective options, such as nonflammable. 3M, CRC, and Polywater are among the most respected brands of solvents and lubricants Sacramento clients find at Hi-Line.

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Solvents Lubricants

Steel Boxes

Steel Boxes are electrical boxes that provide secure transition and end points for electrical wiring. Examples of steel boxes for Sacramento customers include junction boxes, non-metallic boxes, cast weatherproof boxes, poke-through assemblies, and metallic boxes. Mulberry, Orbit, and Thomas & Betts are reputable brands we carry.

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Struts and Fittings are built into structures to support wires, cables, boxes, and other essential electrical parts. Struts are the steel supports that everything else is attached to, while fittings connect struts so they can be built out in different directions. B-Line and Wiremold are two popular Strut and Fitting brands we carry in Sacramento.

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Strut and Fittings

Tools and Testers

Tools and Testers. From instrument screwdrivers to crimpers, continuity testers and trace data toolkits, we supply all the Tools and Testers Sacramento electricians need. Klein Tools, Ideal, and Knopp are among the reputable brands we provide.

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Transformers types include power, instrument, pulse, RF, IF, Audio, and others. These transfer electricity between circuits and increase or decrease its voltage. Acme, FPT, and Square D are a few of the popular Transformer brands we offer Sacramento customers.

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Wiring Devices

Wiring Devices and Controls include receptacles, keypads, blank fascias, dimmers and switches that protect electrical wiring and provide access, and power over, electricity. Cooper Wiring Devices, Douglas Lighting Controls, and Touchplate are respected brands we carry.

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